What is the third half?

the third half is an adventure soccer travel company with a social purpose. We design all-inclusive experiences for groups and individual travellers who want to see the world, become Global Citizens and make a difference.

Soccer is the most popular sport on the planet and is often called ‘the world’s only common language’. This makes it a great way to experience and understand new countries and cultures on a level playing field – whether you’re a pro baller or complete beginner.

It’s also a powerful way to tackle social issues like gender inequality, poverty and lack of education. Profits from every third half trip are invested directly into your local host community so you can touch and feel the impact of your trip.

Where do you want to play? 

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Experience a tropical island paradise whilst helping to educate underserved kids through the power of soccer


Experience one of the most beautiful and passionate soccer nations on earth and help bring life skills and leadership training to underserved youth


Protect human rights and promote gender equality whilst experiencing stunning natural beauty and the secrets of pura vida


Experience the wonder of India both ancient and modern whilst helping underserved youth in homeless communities


Experience the beauty of Africa from the mountains to the ocean while using soccer to help orphans and vulnerable children